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Atmar Horeca LTD

blvd. "Osmi Primorski Polk", 135

9010 Varna - Bulgaria

VAT: BG205062463



©2018-2019 by Atmar Horeca LTD.

What do we need to place your brand in www.atmarhoreca.com

It would be great for us to see your brand and products in our site. It will help us to grow our product range, and will help you to start selling/increase your sales to Europe. Our mission is to be the biggest "HoReCa" online sales portal of Europe. We need you, the manufacturers, distributors to reach that goal.

What we will need to place your products in our site:

1. Your logo image with at least 1000*1000 resolution.

2. Images of the products with at least 1000*1000 resolution with white background (Shadows are acceptable).

3. A price list, valid for whole year. It must include packaging information and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The MOQ must be a master carton (or master box, however you call it.). For example, if a pack of straws has 100pcs. straws in it and master carton contains 20 packs, we will sell 1 pack and buy a master carton of 20 packs of straw from you. This is the mechanics.

We decide the sale prices here because there are many factors to use while calculating it like taxes, weight, volume, etc.

4. You must guarantee us the delivery time from your warehouse to Varna will be "not longer than 7 calendar days". This is a chain and it is as strong as its weakest ring. If you answer the first email after 5 days, the whole structure collapses.

EU suppliers must be able to prepare the orders for loading in max. 2 days. We may discuss for each order about who will arrange the transport.

If you are not from a EU country, you should also guarantee a fixed transport cost valid for whole year. And you will arrange the transport.

5. This is an online business, so selling online to Europe won't require any samples. But we are also an active company, who is working with customers in Bulgaria. If you wish, you can send us your samples, we will place the samples in our showroom to show interested customers.