What do we need to place your brand in www.atmarhoreca.com

Since www.atmarhoreca.com is one of the most visited HoReCa themed sites in the world, our partners benefit from it by;

✔️Making sales through atmarhoreca.com (supplier sells to Atmar Horeca, Atmar Horeca sells to the customer)

✔️Making sales to new customers who heard about them first in atmarhoreca.com. (supplier sells to the customer)

✔️Prevent resellers to sell with high-profit margins.

✔️Increase your brand's recognition.

We don't ask for any payment or commission. It is totally free.

We need only the following information to place your products on atmarhoreca.com:

👉™ Your logo image with at least 500*500 resolution.

👉📋 Brand/company description in 140 characters (including spaces and punctuations)

👉📷 Images of the products with at least 1000*1000 resolution. Main image with white background (Shadows are acceptable). At least 1 image for each product is mandatory.

👉📐 Detailed information about the products. (Shelflife, Ingredients, and nutrition facts are mandatory for food and drinks.)

👉💲 A price list in EUR, valid for a whole year. It must include packaging information and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).


☝️☝️☝️ Product images, product information and price list items must have a code in common to match them easily. Each item must have a code and images must be labeled with that code.

👉🚚 You must guarantee us dispatching time from your warehouse/factory will be "no longer than 5 business days" after accepting the order. Longer terms are acceptable for custom orders or big orders.

We don't buy anything in advance (except the everyday selling popular products) without getting an order. We are the largest drop shipping company in the HoReCa sector. We gained our customers' trust and providing our suppliers' products under our guarantee.


Please note that there is no physical shop. Customers won't be able to handle your products and read all the information on them. All we have is 1 product page per product and all information must be listed there with good images. No one is going to buy a food/drink without being able to read its nutrition facts or ingredients, no one is going to buy an electric device without knowing its warranty period or voltage/watt/phase information, no one is going to buy a bedsheet without knowing its sizes and material.


If you need to sell a used product or clean your stocks;

We can publish your announcement on the "Stock Cleaning & Used Items" page, which you can find the link on the menu left of the page.

To do that, we need the following information from you;

👉📐 Detailed information about the products. Their brands, dimensions, quantities, specifications, conditions.

👉📷 Images of the products, For the used items, we need images that all sides of the item are visible.

👉💲 Price of the item (or a group of items).

👉🚚 We will get full payment from the customer. And we will pay you after our inspection in Bulgaria. All transport costs to Bulgaria will be yours. If we find something that doesn't match with the images or the information you shared, we first ask the customer if they still want it, we send it to them. If they cancel the order, we pay their money back and you will transport the stock back to your place.

Price of our service:

👉The item will be listed with value, which is given by you.

👉To prevent spamming and false listings, we will charge you 10% of the product value, which is given by you to list the product on our site.

👉After the item is sold or you decide to stop the product listing on our site for any reason, we will pay you 5% of the product value, which is given by you.

Get in touch with us via service@atmarhoreca.com or the form below

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