What do we need to place your brand in www.atmarhoreca.com

Since www.atmarhoreca.com is one of the most visited HoReCa themed sites in the world, our partners benefit from it by;

  1. Making sales through atmarhoreca.com

  2. Making sales to new customers who heard about them first in atmarhoreca.com.

What we will need to place your products in our site:

  1. Your logo image with at least 1000*1000 resolution.

  2. (Optional) Brand/company description in 140 characters (including spaces and punctuations)

  3. (Optional) Brand/company description in 1000 characters (including spaces and punctuations)

  4. Images of the products with at least 1000*1000 resolution. Main image with white background (Shadows are acceptable). If you don't have images, you can send us samples so we can make professional photos (min. 2 images per product). This will cost 2 EUR per product.

  5. (Optional) Detailed information about the products.

  6. A price list, valid for whole year. It must include packaging information and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

  7. You must guarantee us dispatching time from your warehouse/factory will be "not longer than 5 business days" after accepting the order.

The pricing to list your products on atmarhoreca.com is as following;

  • Payment is annual and in advance.

  • The period starts 14 calendar days after receiving the payment. Ends on the same day of the next year.

  • 5% of your annual total sale to our company will be deducted from the annual fee. 

Example 1:

Scenario: We list 42 products.

Annual fee is (42*10.08 EUR) 423.36 EUR.


Example 2:

Scenario: We list 120 products. In a year, we buy a total of 10000 EUR valued products from your company.

Annual fee is (120*5.76 EUR) 691.20 EUR

Discount for the next year is 500 EUR.

Get in touch with us via horeca@atmar.bg or the form below




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