Our mission is to be the biggest HORECA supplier in the World.

About Us

We are located in the beautiful city of Varna. But unfortunately, we don't have a physical location to show or sell our products. We are working online, only online because there is no such space to showcase 10's of 1000's products, which you can find on our website by starting to browse.

We are not an exclusive distributor of anyone anywhere. We place the brands on our site after agreeing on everything with the manufacturer, or 1-2 supplier(s) of that brand.

What do we do for our customers?

You are able to order on atmarhoreca.com, if there is only one supplier, we will probably send it directly to you from the supplier. If the order is from more than 1 supplier, we may collect the order and send you after combining here in Bulgaria, or directly send you from suppliers separately, depending on which one is cheaper.

Also, you are able to get in touch with the manufacturer directly, we will be happy to see our suppliers are making business with help of atmarhoreca.com.

We will never stop growing as long as our valuable customers need something we don't provide.

We are the best partner of hospitality businesses in the World.