Quattro Stagioni glass jar. 500 ML TO 70mm.

*Product is without lid. Lid must be ordered separately.

Lid: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/lid-quattro-stagioni-70mm

I Genietti lid with hole for straw: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/lid-quattro-stagioni-i-genietti-with-hole-for-straw-70mm

I Genietti lid with holes for pepper&salt shaker: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/lid-quattro-stagioni-i-genietti-with-holes-for-pepper-salt-shaker-70mm

I Genietti lid with chalkboard: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/lid-quattro-stagioni-i-genietti-with-chalkboard-70mm

I Genietti lid with grater: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/lid-quattro-stagioni-i-genietti-with-grater-70mm

I Genietti lid with mesh sieve for spice shaker: https://www.atmarhoreca.com/product-page/copy-of-lid-quattro-stagioni-i-genietti-with-holes-for-pepper-salt-shaker-70mm

Quattro Stagioni

Quattro Stagioni canning jars are leak-proof and have an air tight seal perfect for food preservation. They’re also resistant to breaking, heat, rust and stains. Use the Quattro Stagioni jars to store or gift homemade jams, jellies, sauces, oils or pickled vegetables. Or, use these preserving jars as an attractive way to store, present or serve pre-made items.

Jar Quattro Stagioni, without Lid, 500ml

Pack of


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