Bormioli Rocco: Aromateca

Oslo White Espresso Cup


The Oslo white espresso cup is part of the Aromateca collection, designed to immerse you in the aroma and taste of Italian coffee.
Made of opal glass, a hygienic, practical, and innovative material, the Oslo white espresso cup has a slender, linear, and modern design and is equipped with a practical and durable metal handle.

Opal glass

100% glass. The distinctive white color is obtained by adding fluorine. Bormioli Rocco opal glass products are synonymous with hygiene, resistance to liquids, high impact resistance and ease of use. The opal glass products are dishwasher safe.


Tempered Glass

Glass treated with the technological process of tempering which, acting on the molecular structure of the glass, makes the products particularly resistant to shocks and temperature changes and makes them optimal for intense, safe and repeated use over time.

10.9 cl - 3 3/4 oz
h 63 mm - 2 1/2"
Ø 93 mm - 3 3/4"

Espresso Cup Bormioli Rocco Aromateca Oslo White, 109ml

Pack of


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