Bormioli Rocco: Hosteria

Dessert Cup


This dessert cup is part of the Hosteria collection, which shows clean and particularly functional shapes due to their sturdiness and stackability.

The Hosteria dessert cup meets the needs of a commercial catering service that is attentive to the technical characteristics of the glasses.

The dessert cup, which has a capacity of 24 cl (8 oz.), can be used for serving ice cream, spoon desserts and fruit salads, and the large mouthpiece allows you to embellish them with rich decorations.


Stackable product

Bormioli Rocco stackable products are designed and manufactured to guarantee the best vertical stackability without getting stuck. Bormioli Rocco products are easy to store and to handle for daily practical use.


Tempered Glass

Glass treated with the technological process of tempering which, acting on the molecular structure of the glass, makes the products particularly resistant to shocks and temperature changes and makes them optimal for intense, safe, and repeated use over time.


24 cl - 8 oz
h 100 mm - 4"
Ø 86 mm - 3 1/2"

Dessert Cup Bormioli Rocco Hosteria, Tempered, Stackable, 240ml

Pack of


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