Natural mineral water, saturated with natural origin carbon dioxide using the Perlage method; medium mineralization, low in sodium.



“Perlage” is the name of a special method of saturating natural mineral water with carbon dioxide of natural origin, thanks to which the bubbles are small and released slowly - just like in the highest class sparkling wines. The effect of this process is the exceptional delicacy of the water that has a high CO2 content.



Perlage comes from the resources of the Nałęczów waters located in the area of the famous spa specialising in the treatment of heart conditions and hypertension. It is bottled at the source in one of the most modern plants of this type in the world. Its deposits are fully insulated from the influence of external factors by a layer of 100 meters thick rocks. The time of penetration of drops through these insulating layers to the source is over 400 years, which is a unique phenomenon on a global scale.

Carbonated Natural Mineral Water Perlage, Can, 330ml

Pack of
  • Nominal capacity 330 ml
    Prepackage dimensions [mm]
    Height/body diameter
    Aluminum can
    ~115 / ~65
    Carton dimensions [mm] Height/Lenght/Width Shrink film
    ~115 / ~200 / ~130
    Pallet 1200x800 11 layers, 34 packs on each layer, 6 cans in a pack, 2244 cans in a pallet
    Can Gross weight [kg] ~ 0,35
    Pack Gross weight [kg] ~ 2,1
    Pallet Gross weight [kg] ~ 815
    Shelf life 24 months
    Storage and transport conditions Odor free, dry place, temp. 4÷20°C, away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze
    Ingredients Natural mineral water, natural origin carbon dioxide
    Total mineral content [mg/l] 708
    Mineral content [mg/l] Ca2+ 120,2; Mg2+ 24,9; Na+ 8,9; HCO3- 516,0; F- 0,2; SiO2 21,0
    Calories (kJ and kcal)/ % GDA 0/0
    Fat (g)/% 0/0
    Total carbohydrate (g)/% 0/0
    Protein (g)/% 0/0
    Salt (g)/% 0/0
    Alergens Do not contain





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