Bormioli Rocco: Chiaroscuro

Linee Caffeino White Cup


This cup is part of the Chiaroscuro collection, where everyday objects become chic and contemporary. Plates, mugs, and containers play with black & white and create unique combinations that bring a trendy touch to the table.

The Caffeino cup, intended for serving espresso coffee, has a capacity of 9.5 cl ( 3 1/4 oz) and shows thin irregular lines that draw a young and elegant motif.

Made of resistant tempered opal glass, it is decorated with a technique thanks to which the colors remain unchanged over time: the cup can be combined with different models from the same collection for a pleasant "mix and match" effect.


BPA free

BPA free product


Decorated glass

The decoration technological processes guarantee extremely brilliant colours, which are longlasting and resistant to washing. The decorated glass is microwave safe and, in case of tempered glass, the maintenance of the physical characteristics is guaranteed. The decorations are realized in compliance with the regulations concerning material suitable for food contact and using BPA free colors.


Opal glass

100% glass. The distinctive white color is obtained by adding fluorine. Bormioli Rocco opal glass products are synonymous with hygiene, resistance to liquids, high impact resistance and ease of use. The opal glass products are dishwasher safe.


Tempered Glass

Glass treated with the technological process of tempering which, acting on the molecular structure of the glass, makes the products particularly resistant to shocks and temperature changes and makes them optimal for intense, safe, and repeated use over time.

9.5 cl - 3 1/4 oz

h 62.3 mm - 2 1/2"

Ø 62 mm - 2 1/2"

Caffeino Cup Bormioli Rocco Chiaroscuro Linee Caffeino White, Opal Glass, 95ml

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