Dove Softcare Sensations

Shampoo and shower gel. It discharges the content simply by pushing it.

5xDove Softcare Shampoo&Shower Gel: Shampoo & Shower Gel Dove SoftCare Sensations, 250ml

1xMetal Base: Metal Base Dispenser for SoftCare Products

Innovation in personal hygiene.
An elegant system with high-quality products that visitors love.
An environmentally friendly system that minimizes waste compared to other hospitality solutions.
Easy and efficient for housekeepers.
Easy to use system for visitors.


A 3-month real trial at a hotel showed lower average consumption compared to other fixed dose systems. Also, the average consumption per guest in the room is lower than average.


User Acceptance
In the same test, Sensations proved to be the only system that has been rated to deliver the right amount per touch. Sensations' composition has been rated higher compared to comparable competing products

5 pcs. Shampoo & Shower Gel Dove SoftCare Sensations, with a Dispenser Base





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